Lehe K2 Electric Scooter- A product from China

Lehe K2 Electric Scooter – A product from China

In the middle of a hot summer day, it’s easy to see someone stealing a K-electric scooter on the road. But not the ET Scooter of Raytroniks. About the external code looks like the actual but not. Let’s explore the outstanding features of the Lehe K2 electric scooter from a Chinese company.

Electric Scooter

Its most prominent feature is the ability to fold up to become neat and store wherever you want. You will not take too much time because it only takes 5-10 seconds. Why does it have the same K-like structure? It is a spindle bar that connects the electronic panel displaying battery capacity and front wheel, which contains Samsung’s Polymer battery. The remaining two K connect to the saddle and the hook to the rear wheel. The two-wheeled electric scooter fitted with disc brakes should look like motorcycles.

Electric Scooter

The Lehe K2 electric scooter has white tones, wheels and wheels are also white. If you wear a white outfit, it will look like a girl’s style. You are a very handsome son. The saddle can load a person sitting but also very comfortable. If you want to be able to sit at the same time an adult and a small child is appropriate.

Electric Scooter

This electric scooter comes with a lot of utility for the user

One of the advantages of this electric scooters is that it is an accessory bag on an best electric scooter. When people carry their mobile phones with them, it is difficult to get their hands on the mobile. If you put them in pockets of trousers or trousers that cause discomfort, the wider pockets are likely to fall out. So the best option you can put in your pocket on electric scooters. This is a very safe option for you. Not only mobile phones, you want to insert more small wallets to go shopping, shopping or other junk goods.

Electric Scooter

An external electronic display showing battery information or the speed of electric scooters will display both the vehicle’s temperature and level. This is very handy when you go in hot weather and notice to electric scooters in cooler areas. Lehe K2 electric scooter also comes with advanced technology that can launch remote without a key such as a motorcycle or car.

On the electric scooters also has the switch, the same ET scooter. This component is very convenient for users who want to use headlights at night. The manufacturer has added a charging port beneath the electric scooters to avoid the bad weather. This charger is suitable for regular 220V power outlets. Users only need to charge more than 3 hours with full battery. And with that amount of power, the electric scooters also runs the same route as the best electric scooter for adults of the manufacturer Raytroniks is 45 km. Even the K2 electric scooter goes even further.

Electric Scooter

It carries many features, light weight and affordable

In addition to the appearance of the electric scooters are painted white delicate. And the electric scooters also has a small tire that allows the owner of the vehicle to easily navigate the crowded streets. For people with modest height, stopping the electric scooters and setting up a stand will be a little difficult. But with the Lehe K2 electric scooter, all older people, young children or people with lower height can use it.

Electric Scooter

When you drive an electric scooter to move in the city, you are like a motorbike and it has four different modes. However, in any mode you can only change the acceleration, and the maximum velocity is constant. Or better understand that if you want to climb, then use the number 4 to climb for ease. As mentioned above these numbers will be displayed in the electronic display on the top of the electric scooters. And make sure to customize as you like.

Although it is considered to be similar to ET Scooter but it does not matter. As long as the improvement is more convenient for the user is okay. The first benefit of this late-model electric scooter is that the weight has been reduced to 18kg compared to the 30kg of the ET Scooter. This is very beneficial when you want to take a ride away, the lighter the more tired.

Electric Scooter

The second benefit is its price. Any product that users always want to own the most useful products, most useful but the most affordable. If the ET electric scooter costs more than $ 1,400, the Lehe K2 electric scooter will cost more than $ 800. As it has many useful and important features. And it hit the market at a lower price than the ET Scooter.

Manual electric scooters for adults most properly

Manual electric scooters for adults most properly

Electric scooters are the preferred means of transport today. And it’s becoming a new trend because of its flexibility, usability, style and color. This means that the vehicle is becoming more and more popular in the market. From students, working people, housewives to retired middle-aged people, electric scooters can be used.

One issue that many people are concerned about when using an electric scooter is how to use it properly. Also use the electric scooter to last throughout its life cycle. So let’s give some information on how to use electric scooters as well as how to maintain your vehicle:

electric scooters

1. Start properly:

When you sit on an electric scooter, your feet must touch the ground to ensure balance while driving or stopping. If the yen is too high you should adjust the height of the saddle to match his height.

The left hand holds the brake hand, the right hand plugs the key, the power button turn to the “On” button, the notification light will display on the vehicle. Depending on the type of electric scooter that display position will vary.

Foot must be on the foot of the electric scooter for adults. Next to the left hand slowly release the brakes. The right hand also adjusts the handgrip inward as if controlling a normal motorcycle, the electric scooter will start to start. You have to pay attention to the right hand to adjust the speed appropriate. The faster the angle of the hand is, the faster the speed. This control is no different to motorcycles, so anyone who has been familiar with the motorcycle will not have difficulty in this process.

electric scooters

2. Running a electric scooter for safety:

This electric scooter works in the same way as a normal motorcycle, so it is only possible for the scooter to start moving.

You should increase the speed of the vehicle slowly to save electricity.

You should not overload the electric scooter manufacturer so it is more durable.

Try to brake and restart the electric scooter as little as possible to save energy.

Electric scooters have the design of lights, horn, turn signals such as motorcycles. So you also pay attention to the right to ensure traffic laws and safety for yourself.

electric scooters

3. Pay attention when you stop the electric scooter:

When you want to drive a crazy scooter or stop it, turn off the ignition switch to avoid accidentally twisting the throttle to start the dangerous car suddenly dangerous for you and the surrounding.

Battery locks are the most important part of electric scooters. So if you stop the vehicle then you should turn off the engine. And you get the battery lock check key.

You should lock the car and rear wheels to not lose electric scooters.

electric scooters

4. Daily maintenance of electric scooters:

Every day you should regularly check the moving parts, brake lines to see if there is jam. This is to ensure the lights, horn car to work well to ensure safety when driving on the road.

If you do not use this media for a long time then you should also periodically charge the battery to extend the life of the battery, usually 10 days of charging once.

The battery compartment significantly affects the center of gravity of the vehicle. So you have to pay attention to its installation location. If the battery is loose or loose, the center of gravity of the scooter will be deflected. So you will hardly control and the electric scooter is faster. Electric scooters, imitation goods on the market today do not focus on this detail. The battery should be installed very loudly and when used for a while the screws will gradually loose. This causes the battery to suffer a shock when traveling, which will reduce the life of the battery.

electric scooters

5. Properly Charge to Increase Battery Life:

Prepare charger device for electric scooters. Make sure the zipper is not stretched. The charging indicator light will be on to indicate that the charger is charging. After charging for 6 to 8 hours and even having an electric scooter, the charging time will last longer. You should pay attention to the charging time set by the manufacturer to have a charging time that suits the type of electric scooter you purchased. When the battery is charging, the charging indicator light will turn on full charge. When fully charged, when the charger is disconnected, we forget to unplug the charger and the battery life will not be affected.

electric scooters

6. When using electric scooters there are things to keep in mind:

Safety note for chassis and components: Do not disassemble the car engine. Do not immerse the components as well as the car engine and battery into the water. When stopping, switch off the engine and remove the ignition key. Especially when the insulation is absolutely torn should not drive electric scooter.

Battery and charger attention: Batteries are an important part of electric scooters. And you should not disassemble or repair it. Do not place your hand directly on the electrical outlet as it is very dangerous. Charge away from where children can reach. It is important to use a dedicated outlet with a suitable power supply.

Article on maintenance tips for electric scooter for adults

Article on maintenance tips for electric scooter for adults

When you have an electric scooter, it is very valuable for you to maintain properly. So you have to operate correctly and you will be comfortable using it longer. This is true for electric scooter for adults.

When you buy an electric scooter for adults you should read the manual and make sure you understand everything in the manual. However, some people do not. Because they do not want to get into trouble and worry when the problem goes away. Therefore, you should read the handbook when you are free. And people riding electric scooters have the responsibility to always keep the product in a state of readiness to move.

electric scooter for adults

The manual will only show you the basics you need to know about your electric scooter. However, there are also things that are not covered in that tutorial. With maintenance, we have some tips to consider some of the costs that will arise later. It requires your initiative to clean and care for your electric scooter throughout its life cycle. In case you do not have any idea about how to make electric scooter maintenance. The following are tips that we will guide you and you can use in the coming time:

1. Assembly parts: Electric scooter for adults

When you start with assembling your electric scooter. This is best you have a manual on the side. Because you will have a guide on what parts to install. However, if you find it difficult to read the manual, you can keep a log every time you need to delete something. You need to have a pen and paper and you have to record the location of each part when assembling. Also you can write color and labels on each part.

Electric Scooter For Adults

2. Battery care

Because the batteries of electric scooters are relatively expensive. So, we recommend you to be able to take care of the battery and make it last longer. And you do not use a fake battery charger or low quality battery. The charger of the electric scooter is in the off state after the battery is fully charged. So you do not have to worry about charging too long.

Be careful to charge the battery before you charge it. Because too much heat will easily damage the battery quickly. In addition, your battery must be used repeatedly. It may be damaged if it is not working for a long time.

Electric Scooter For Adults

3. Tire Inflation

Electric Scooter For Adults

Before you ride an electric scooter, check that your tires are safe enough for you. If your electric scooter has a small tire, it may not have enough air pressure and will decrease over time. You should carry a small pump when riding it. And you have to check the air of tires regularly. If the tires have good air, your tires will be in good contact with the road surface. This will keep the electric scooter working well as you accelerate and brake.

4. Chain and Belt Tension

When you use an electric scooter, you must ensure that the chain and belt tension is in good working order. If the belt is loose, it will cause the gear to slip and eventually wear out. So you should adjust them and move the rear tires forward when they are loose. When you adjust the chain and belt tension, you must check the specifications of the electric scooter to let you know the length of the belt. And you need to tighten it to fit that length.

Electric Scooter For Adults

If the belt has worn out after using the electric scooter, it is time to replace it. And the important thing about replacing the belt is that you keep it in the center of the belt. So make sure it’s in the center of the belt. Therefore the rear wheel is not damaged. This means that the hain and belt tension will operate as a support for the new belt. You buy two belts at the same time so you have one to spare more.

5. Nuts and bolts maintenance

You must regularly add oil and throttle lightly to avoid engine damage. In addition, you have to check the bolts and nuts to make sure they are not loose or can fall off. You can clean them in chrome and wipe them with a cloth so they do not rust after a while you ride them.

Electric Scooter For Adults

6. Replacement of the control box

Most of the electric scooter’s controls have a simple design and connection. They will support the alignment of the engine, brake, battery and ignition parts, gas, lights and rechargeable jacks together. It is possible that the control boxes have different currents produced by the manufacturer. So you have to choose a control box that fits your electric scooter. You have to make sure it is equal to or larger than the size of your engine. Also when you attach it on your electric scooter you should mark the connectors on each component. This will make the installation process easier and faster.

Electric Scooter For Adults



How to choose the best electric scooter for adults to best suit your needs?

How to choose the best electric scooter for adults to best suit your needs?

An overview of electric scooters for adults:

Electric scooters have become one of the most popular means of transportation for the time being. You can catch it on public streets, workplaces or famous tourist spots. One interesting information about electric scooters is that they have a lot of different types on the market today. So, before you want to choose to buy an electric scooter model for yourself. Then let’s look at the operation and operation of the electric scooter you want to buy.

electric scooter

An electric scooter is simply a small electric motor scooter that runs on electric power. The electric power will charge the battery and the battery will attach on the electric scooter to power the electric scooter. This type of transport will not require fossil fuel or gas to operate on the move. And electric scooters are usually used by all age groups depending on the purpose of the user.

How do electric scooters work?

On our website can help you better understand how a car works. Of course, before you buy an electric scooter for yourself, you should consult carefully. This kind of transportation is really simple and many smart gadgets. So they work by combining the engine and battery power. Power from the battery creates the power of motion in the engine and thus the electric scooter moves forward. So electric scooters are very similar to any electric or electric vehicle. It’s just that you just fully charge the battery by plugging it into a power outlet.

electric scooter

Can you love a standing scooter or a scooter with seating. Even so, speed and braking are usually controlled by buttons and switches on the handle. So these components make the electric scooter easy to operate and easy to use.

In short, if you only need to know these basic operations, then you will find the best electric scooter for your needs.

What are the current models of electric scooters?

Today there are many electric scooters for you to choose from. Some of these models are used by people for entertainment purposes. In contrast, others are used for other purposes, as gifts or medical services. So consider carefully the different types of electric scooters. And then choose the model that best suits your needs.

electric scooter

We will list some of the electric scooters right below:

  • 1. Electric Kick Scooters.
  • 2. Electric scooter with 3 wheels.
  • 3. Self-balancing electric scooters.
  • 4. Electric wheelchairs.
  • 5. Electric motorcycles.
  • 6. Electric bicycle Dirt.
  • 7. Electric Bicycle.

electric scooter

We all find that today there are many types of electric scooters. Of course, one of them will suit your needs. So let’s take a closer look and look at each of the categories we’ve listed. This is so you can have a better idea of ​​which one suits your needs and budget.

So you should know the pricing methods and the cost of purchasing an electric scooter. And you must remember to consider the features and prices of the electric scooter manufacturer. If electric scooters with famous brands will be accompanied by a lot of utility and repair support center in your country.


Best electric scooter reviews for adults and kids in 2018

Best electric scooter reviews for adults and kids in 2018

electric scooter for adultsElectric scooter for adults and kids in 2018.

Welcome to the 2018 Best Electric Scooter for Adults Review on our website!

If you are looking for and want to buy an electric scooter for adults. We will introduce you the best electric scooter products. Finding an electric scooter at our website will suit your needs. And we have checked the products and reviewed the electric scooters for many years. To give you honest reviews, so that you can easily reference them.

On our website there are many models of electric scooter that you are looking for:

On our website you can easily see the reviews of the perfect electric scooter. These articles have proven we have taken the test steps and mastered the functions of electric scooters. We will give you the most accurate information on choosing the best electric scooter for adults. And we hope to guide you to the exact and perfect choice when you look for a battery-operated scooter.

The demand for electric scooters for adults has increased over the years. This characteristic trend is gradually increasing and becoming more and more important. In the years before this new transport equipment appeared, it was like a special thing and dynamic when moving. In today’s modern society, the electric scooter is still on the list of great transportation vehicles.

electric scooter for adults

You want to find the perfect electric scooter for adults, there are a few things you have to consider before deciding to buy:

The electric scooter is an electric motor vehicle that can be driven by children, teens and adults alike. When this electric scooter comes out, everything becomes fun and enjoyable, and it’s a great product for everyone. Maybe you want to give your child a special gift for Christmas, the electric scooter for adults will be a good suggestion in the list of gifts that you should consider. Electric scooters can decide whether or not you will have an enjoyable trip.

In this way, the electric scooter has opened up a whole new world for kids, teens and adults to have fun. You and your baby will feel fun while moving. Electric scooters will provide you and your child with valuable lessons while riding on the perfect electric scooter.

One thing that we are certain to you is that these electric scooters are not only more fun than older generation scooters.

Electric scooters are also much safer. So they are designed to withstand the pressure and weight of certain users. On our website we are built for a single purpose and ensure your cost savings in the best way. You and your baby can actually ride an best electric scooter in a park or school. With the many gadgets that electric scooters bring and this is why manufacturers gradually develop production technology to a better level.

Best electric scooters for adults have been on the market for quite a long time. This means that there are many famous suppliers and brands in the world. And well-known manufacturers have one thing in common that they are pursuing. It is possible that the electric scooter models can be very different in terms of color, construction materials, seating or non-availability, travel speed, and the length of the rechargeable battery. Each brand has its own technical and technological components, making their products unique and perfect.